The Spooktacular Halloween Special EP

by Potato Hate Explosion

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released December 27, 2016




Potato Hate Explosion Bowling Green, Missouri

Potato Hate Explosion is an experimental cybergrind/metalcore act started in late 2012.
Hailing from the depths of the midwest, PHE is a one-man spudcore powerhouse.

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Track Name: 10/31:24/7
Decrepit gears begin to turn when heaps of leaves burn
The charnel spirit bursts from its seasonal urn
I feel so alive channeling the dead
The autumn chill arises, every human hide is shed

On All Hallows' Eve, the gallows are emptied
Marshmallows leave massive craters in our teeth
Every Halloween, life is but a dream
For sadistic dentists with an ear for muffled screams

There's a body swinging under every bridge
Decorations set ablaze to illuminate the ridge
The omnipungent scent of embalming fluid
Draws the minatory march of pumpkin-headed druids
Armed with only flashlights and bags for the loot
For tricks and treats the severity of our maligancy is reduced
Door to door, we take enough and then some more
Murdering time and gargling the gore

Let the bats in, let the rats in, kickstart that pumpkin heart
Let the bats in, let the rats in, eyes carved to light the dark
The forbidden fruit glimmers, dangling from a leafless tree
Seeping with toxic temptation, take the bait, I beg of thee
Your mouth is slowly shredded to dripping ribbons
Ripped and torn by gumfucking delicacies
I am the light in the middle of the road
I am the squeak of the guillotine
The creaking of your buckling bones
Behold the embodiment of Halloween

All year, every year, neverending fear
Track Name: Texas Codeine Massacre
Back road, midsummer '76
Run of the sawmill, ruined roadtrip
Detour through hell, shortcut through life
Ran down and scattered, chopped up and battered

Brain matter splattered, blood and guts spilled
Double cup untouched, Leatherface still the most trill
Garnished with the magic shrooms, post-purple doom
Flesh-ripping, drank-sipping, ball-tripping goon

Another batch of bastards to mutilate and baste
5 more unsuspecting out-of-towners to turn to paste

Slice, sip, dice, drip
The bright red trickles onto an apron stained violet
Magenta visions flipping, rippling like a loosened spine
Frolicking in freedom, detached like severed limbs, divine
Track Name: I Was a Teenage Normie
I'll go to school and grow out of art
Learn that "weird" is a dirty word
Play sports and break some hearts
I'll go to college
Enrolled to get fucked up
Tunnel vision: pussy fishin' till I'm out of luck

I'll man up and give up my silly dreams
Cut my hair, get a real job, only one way to succeed
Alive two nights a week, personality of tar
I rake it in then drop it all on our brand new car
The house, that old loan, daycare and your new pearls
It sucks, but hey, it's not my like it's my world

First world focus, zoomed the fuck in
Let's dive into debt so we can keep up with our friends
I'll cheat on you, you'll cheat on me
I'm pretty sure that this is the American dream
One day it'll hit me like a stack of credit cards
I'll put on some Coldplay and leave the door ajar
Tidy up my cubicle, give the family portrait a flip
Tie my tie nice and tight and give the office chair a kick
Track Name: All-American Deathspree
Murder mystery, 1953
Urgent PSA across every transistor
Keep a skeptic eye on your neighbors
Don't let in any strange visitors

Lives taken at random
Freak occurrences, bloodthirsty phantom
A single splash of red in the water
A simple time, a chain of crime, inhumane slaughter

Thirteen missing citizens
Personal high score
I love the thrill of seeing my latest
Piece of decor on the bulletin board

Polaroid panorama
Paralyzing fear//Your eyes//Dead air//My shades//My eyes//The purest fucking evil

Morning - Malt shop mutilation
Evening - Drugstore evisceration
Blind eyes turned to evidence burned
Vintage acts of violence on the greatest generation
Track Name: General Chopspital
Captured, out of luck
Strapped down and opened up

Journey to the center of a gurney
Removals blueprinted from kneecaps to neck
The marker caresses your clambering carcass
Steel and marrow intersect, better have my kidney when I come to collect

The ambulances moonlight as hearses
Vessels of dismemberment, driven by undead nurses
Attempt escape and the nails grind deeper
Your fate gets bleaker, run down by the reaper
Sloppily dissected, eyeballs pop out dilated
Laughter laced with madness serenades the human buffet we've created

Gurgling curses, the situation worsens
Torn into and gutted like you're not a fucking person

Flayed and displayed, I feel no dismay
Skewered in manure, fluids drain into the sewer
Torn to fuck

A sudden change in tone
Upon the first crunch of a bone
Pathetic screams so wretched
At the snapping of the second
Picked apart before they're cold
Abominations to behold
Submission via rusted weapons
Restrained and dissected
Track Name: VVithout Restraint
Cave in, swim below the surface
Let your internal furnace burn
Like a thousand untethered stars
Morning stars
Let your scars simmer bright
Embrace the moonlight as your guide
To and from the underearth uncharred

Blinded by the descending sun

The longing in your eyes looks as dismal as your fate
Comfort and acceptance dangled as bait
Pure white walls and sickly silent halls
From beyond the oaken barrier the coven calls
Lured from the safety of settling
By haunting howls launched from the woods
Chills that can split a spine in three
A peripheral glimpse of pointed black hoods

Fear not the fire, claim what thine desire
Extinguish all false light//Independent empire
Protect your power, prolong the witching hour
Constant vigilance
Charm and devour every coward