Potato Hate Explosion's Hauntworthy Halloween Bash II

by Potato Hate Explosion

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This 13th official box of boogie from everyone's favorite spud!
The sequel to last year's All Hallows' Eve opus, PHEHHB2 features 10x more electronically mutated, breakdown-wielding, unusual audio chaos than anything before it!

tl;dl weird fuckin' music for Halloween and beyond.


released October 20, 2014




Potato Hate Explosion Bowling Green, Missouri

Potato Hate Explosion is an experimental cybergrind/metalcore act started in late 2012.
Hailing from the depths of the midwest, PHE is a one-man spudcore powerhouse.

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Track Name: Spudhain
364 days of unextraordinary
Pale in comparison to Easter for the dark and scary
Pinnacle of the fall, orange and green splatter every wall
The winds of autumn call as purple and black cover all

Halloween is here
Hand over the candy and nobody gets hurt
Pagan yuletide

Stampedes of pumpkins parade down the streets with pride
Welcoming back the souls of those on the other side
Graveyards, suburbs all swamped in jack-o'-lanterns
Following my heathen lead, I am the potato enchanter

Floating across streets covered in leaves
Soaking up the moonlight
The paranormal reigns, between worlds we weave
Unveil your inner witch tonight
On All Hallows' Eve
Track Name: Frankenshark
Fuck a hammer, it's a goddamn nailhead
The deep blue will never be safe again
Burdened with a beast built to devour
No fish is safe, neither angler nor flounder

Nemo will never be found

Frankenshark don't give a trout turd
Aquatic manmade genocide machine

Green water tainted with death
Too far from shore for salvation
Today you breathe your final breath
Track Name: Emossacre
Save your wrists and time, go straight for the neck
You get what you give, you monolith of gloom, so what did you expect?
Slaughter them
Every fucking one
Off with their droopy heads
Smack every teenage cynic with death
Snap out of it before you have a real issue
I only have one fucking problem
Guess what
It's you

No more feigned depression
The attention seekers met heat-seekers
Track Name: Waluigi Board
Three wilted purple 'shrooms slipped into Weegee's drank
"Ho ho hooo" he exclaimed as his rival's body sank

Waluigi skipped around
Enjoyed the cherubic smack of victory
Smashed out of his empty green shell of mortal life
Waluigi took out Luigi without cheating and can finally thrive
Who's the coward now?
Wa-man broke out the board
Said "this is a story all about how"
Mike Prezioso for Bear 2014
Track Name: Succubus Dusk
Swiggity swooty, I'm coming for that ghostly booty
By the grace of Baphomet, this night is one we shan't forget
Ready to flood your cauldron with my demon seed
Pale skin bared and calling for lust vampiric

Scared stiff in more ways than one
Overcome with lecherousness
I will be your sustenance
Fluids coalesce as I lay in awe
Of magnificently voluptuous breasts

Eyes of an angel, mind of a demon
Conjured by desire and drenched in moonlight

The start of eternity, the last beats of my heart
Fuck this mortal life, my fate into your pallid hands I impart
Forever together, blissfully melding love and lust
Cavorting towards the moon, as these human bastards turn to dust
Track Name: Jellish
Running down the highway
Thinking thoughts of the vengeance variety
Blood sprinkling the snow all around
A magical zombie moose sparkling and no longer flattened
Pancake no more
En route to the First Mall of Canadia

A log truck took him out the first time
But I swear it wasn't me
The only thing this undead elk can see
Is a dead as shit eviscerated mountie

Sirens blaring, people staring
UFOs glaring in the cold night sky
You can't kill a dead moose twice
Track Name: Halloween Party Party
Get your scary on, it's time to terrify
Put a mask on and let's trick or treat the sky
We'll live before we die and join the zombies
Shuffling around the neighborhood
We'll run and bask in the blackened sun
Won't stop until the night is done

It's a Halloween party party
All Hallows' Eve rave
All night
Samhain celebration
'Til we drop
All kinds of ghouls to meet
Don't stop, won't stop, can't stop, not gonna stop
We'll never stop

Merry-making all around the city
This is the spookiness subcommittee
Whether you're a one-ghost band
Or a spectral orchestra
This haunted party will get out of hand
Jubilant phenomena

Halloween party party party
Start at midnight, end at midnight
Aim to bestow fright, incite delight
Keep it going, don't stop flowing
Glowing endorphins, undergoing
The transformation of all nations
Into one fun-loving civilization
Everyone's invited to ignite the
Sky and light this supernatural night
Track Name: Curse of the Werespud
In the wee hours when damn nigh everyone but me is sleeping
I transform into an amplified positive thinking being
Personality mindamphetamine
I wish to give more to the world than the nighttime permits me

Call of spthudlhu
Howling compliments to the moon
Altruism magnified
I want to spread kindness, but it's 4 A.M.

And then I wake up in the early afternoon
More often than not too tired to give a fuck
The memory fades until the middle of the night
The cycle repeats and my consumed good mood runs amok
Track Name: Disciples of the Ram
I've rallied the troops, poisoned their psyches
The demand for a soul has been issued
Any means necessary, infant butchery
Through infestation, oppression and possession I will claim you
Look both ways before you let the carriage go
Just let go

Vintage vessel of evisceration
You can't end what wasn't created
Sacrificial terrorization
My noose is around your spiritual neck and I want your family dead

Take the fall
Track Name: Potatolantern
It's a feast for the deceased
Saunter of the obscene
Mush malleo cream

Shake that boo...ty

Don't be dick, hand over the good shit
Or you may receive a trick in the form of a brick
It's only once a year, lighten up and take a sip of
This sepulchral autumn air when the dead come back above

Don't be a shithead, relinquish the sweetness
Or you may find your home bombarded with TP and eggs
It's only once a year, it's Halloween so just enjoy it
Halloween, it's
Time to scream and
Hide from nothing but
The cold daylight of November first

Happy Halloween