PHE 10: Regicide

by Potato Hate Explosion

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The 10th album from the short, bearded, and proud bringer of death and evil and doom and stuff. Simultaneously angry and euphoric, PHE shall crush your roof and/or skull with his latest 20 minute electro-grind-with-a-newfound-avant-garde/experimental-flair-tastic offering.


released December 30, 2013




Potato Hate Explosion Bowling Green, Missouri

Potato Hate Explosion is an experimental cybergrind/metalcore act started in late 2012.
Hailing from the depths of the midwest, PHE is a one-man spudcore powerhouse.

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Track Name: Eyyyyy, Mang
The curse is broken at last
Hello my friends, welcome to number ten

Oh, breakdown
Mother of uninvention

We likes it very much
Track Name: Legalize Prostitution
Let the women walk the streets freely
Nighttime transactions that hurt nothing
Other than the wallet
But many feel it is worth it

There would be less death
No gutter sludge, paranoid chicks with no escape
Card-carrying ladies of the night
Let the whores be whores

The dude pays up, the chick goes down
Nobody has to get so butthurt
Only the man and zealous cretins
Have a problem with everybody getting happy
Track Name: Canadian Road Song
Driving down the highway
Carrying cargo of the log variety
Snow sprinkling the grass all around
Magical mooses running along, leading the way

I don't even have a permit, but here I am
Taking the high road while you take the low road
Is this a trip? I don't know!
There's a UFO!
All I can say is this...
Is the Canadian Road Song

Fuck the mounties!
Let's play some hockey!
Track Name: Life: Mastered
I have achieved total mental satisfaction
Only I know by the 'morrow I will need more
My brain is rushing with everything
I have figured out life

I disregard all foolish pleas for me to see the light
I do not give a fuck about your insignificant slave lord
Yes, I know, I am a teenager
Hormones rushing, flowing through my veins

"Real life is just a hallucination that never ends, and every time you daydream you're briefly coming back to reality, only to disappoint everyone around you by slipping back into a state of insanity"
Cannot unhear

Esoteric ecstacy reams the soul
Track Name: Big Blue Sundrop Rainbow
What the fuck is this shit is like they kill pig on the scene!!
This is no? Music this is screaming!

I agree with bandages, I knew it black cat was pretty right place
To have me and MySpace then play music and strange land of the time
It is bullocks but if I have kids in Japan could be
Arrange the world especially for my stepson
Track Name: One Wheel Short of an Automobile
Platonic peace, content with friendship
Another chap rolls along and starts some shit
The only zone worse than that of friend
Demotion to dog, dirt, down-low, the dirty end

Unprovoked hostility
Appreciated quirks now so immature
Went from a friend to an Über bitch
Funny how one asshole can make her humanity unsure
What a load of manure
Track Name: Avenged in the Name of Willie

I tried to be considerate and keep the music down
Unprovoked you made that quip, time to blast some Cattle Decap
Fuck you, racist, you sorry bald piece of shit
I will gather a posse of black people
And mexicans and hispanics
And beat the shit out ya, fucking partisan asshole

Too high to know what the fuck to do
The tables have turned, now the minority is you
This is the backwards lifestyle you choose
A single skinhead under a flurry of shoes
Fists, knucks, bats, a garbage can someone threw
Your whole Buddhadamn fucking worthless life though
You will be always be pursued
By people of all colors, I represent the human race crew

(profane angrish)
Track Name: Horde of Boards Part 2: Woodpocalypse
The cities have been lumbered
To the point of no return to the norm
I've seen things that no man should have to witness
The boards have taken over, we are the 1%

Still, blame this all on Johnny

The planks are approaching
A horde of boards making a mockery
Of what used to be our society
The wood has overrun the concrete forest

No escape from the possessed planks
Track Name: TRYSS01
Ronnie Radke is a man-child
The dude is very over with fans that are very under
Washed out in a pool of tainted chlorine and hairspray
The shameful walk around the mic stands
True brutal to none, so much a waste to all
Track Name: Defenestration Rampage

Flip the table, toss the TV
Smash the fridge, rip the curtains
Punt the children, puncture the wall
Take a chair, and throw it
Out the windoooooooooooooooow (x2)
Track Name: Surreal A.M. Radio
Joined at the hip and armed to the teeth
The weirdness has begun
Three in the morn', turn the radio on
Flip the switch to the underused A.M.

A bad trip in the form of static ridden radio
Such a pleasant unpleasant experience
Surreal A.M. radio in the middle of the night
I've heard things I cannot unhear
Track Name: Later
I hope you've enjoyed this polished bowel movement

Ixnay on the sixuck

This is forced intercourse with your encephalon

It should've ended 20 minutes ago
Don't steal my steez
Until next time
Soon again we will meet