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Bathory Blaze Because Potato Hate Explosion is freeking awesome that's why. Favorite track: Every Blade of Grass Below Us.
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released May 5, 2016




Potato Hate Explosion Bowling Green, Missouri

Potato Hate Explosion is an experimental cybergrind/metalcore act started in late 2012.
Hailing from the depths of the midwest, PHE is a one-man spudcore powerhouse.

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Track Name: Overheated
When I open up this door, run far away and don't stop
Don't worry, don't panic, but never look back

A spontaneous burst of the burner
Combustible and bleak
There's a bitter cloud hovering above me
Wires hanging, dug in deep
Was everything I wanted more than I could handle?
I never saw myself craving peace and quiet

My throat is in my skull and my brain lies in a museum
My arms are dragging me through this labyrinth of a mausoleum
These teeth can only hold back so much venom
Shutdowns and explosions act as omens of the bloodbath within

Look through the crack in my armor
A malicious face will glare right back
Visible between my ribs
Is the heart I never lost constellated in black
I've been burning it at all four corners
Sick of what I wished for
Don't take that idle life for granted
I'm sick of what I wished for
There's a bitter cloud hovering above me
Wires hanging, dug in deep

I've become a grease fire
A blazing casket at a funeral
Doused in gasoline, perfect chaos
Violent and visceral
The view from the couch is beautiful
The view from the screen is sad
The former is easy, the latter is not
But both can drive you mad

Internal inferno
The walls are coming down
Internal inferno
Put me out
Track Name: Fuck the Vast Majority of You
Burning it at all four corners

As vigilant as policy mandates
Fueled by tobacco and ruled by tomorrow
Dropped like an anvil on the calendar
A perfect rectangle of black hole
Serving scum with a smile

Buy them, sell them
And let them think they're in control
Crack the whip, load your spit
Point the pistol at the payroll
Doomed to produce, consume
Consume, produce, feed the hissing noose

I won't feed this fucked machine tonight

I wish good lives to all and to all a good life
Psyche, fuck you all, sodomize yourselves and die
I'm leaping off the corporate ladder
I'm not cut out to slave my glory days away
The beaten path leads to a dead end
Where there's a will to be alive you can make a fucking way

Your kingdom of shit will implode
When the peasants repossess the throne
Track Name: Slumberyard Slaughterfest
Convergence of the piercing sun and the bleak gaze of a nebulous moon
Rest, my dear, I'll be back home with a cart of fresh carcasses soon

Only demons disguised as trees
Are subjected to the worst side of me
Devastation is guaranteed
I'll raze a forest just to get some fucking sleep

My fists will swing like champions
World class settlers of scores
Sometimes you've gotta clean in the dark
So the clutter blends together
Break it down board by board

Humans aren't meant to fight to function
But we're built to do what's necessary
Bullets blazing, eyes hazed
Can't see shit but somebody's gonna die
I can't hear a goddamn thing and I like it that way
Evacuate the village

Fuck you, this isn't over
May anything that dares stay in the way
Be maimed and framed above my fireplace

Flannel flags radiating flames
Illuminate every anguished swing of the blade
Swan songs and death rattles echo
From this barren pit of scorched land
Demoralizing would-be invaders
Heed my unfeeling, axe-wielding hands
Track Name: Haul Off/Hit Back
You boil the blood, you soak up the spill
I no longer harbor any healthy fucking will

Extending a filthy hand is a dangerous fucking game
It's waltzing onto a minefield and throwing around your weight
Do me a favor and don't drive safe
Autobestowed authority will never fucking faze me
I want your heart on the rocks
I will open your veins from within
And never come up for air
Beaten to a bloody gulch
Graveyard postcard, wish you were here

Consequences are blind, you're not fucking immune
Get careless and enable the wrong kind of abuse
I want your heart on the rocks
If karma slips up and grants you an early end
I'll bring you to life just to kill you again
I believe there's good in everyone
But it never manages to surface in some
It doesn't fucking matter where your problems came from
No space for dead cargo, no tolerance for scum

Forever bite the hand that tries to feed you shit
Wrong place, worse time
Target of my scarlet surge
Track Name: Hole Up/Hide Out
Inner threat level heightening
Distant stomach tightening
Peripheral vision whitening
Instand standby when that first lip of lightning whips in the distance
Pack, split, hit the tent
I'm burning out but I can see my breath
Thunderstorm like romance
Love it but fuck it
Try and find me a couple leagues below
Lowpassed whale calls replace the ruckus

My natural habitat is under the bleachers

Right now it doesn't matter that I matter
All I wanna do is be a platter of stagnant matter
Go the way of the grizzly and put the hazy clouds to use
300% don't fuck with drama
Don't fuck with bullshit

The light runs off of sparks of dark
I've got no position to give up
The light runs off of sparks of dark
Tranquility to fuel mobility

Social hiatus
Three ways the same phrase resonates
The real world is a myth
Literally for what this me gives
"Be back soon"
So sayeth the sticky note on my forehead
Risk a limb and peel it off
Before you see the glow below it

Don't mind the snorkel poking up from the grass
I'm in the deepest chamber of the castle

No news is good news
Spirit animal witch of the wood
I know that I should care
But guess what
Track Name: LUSH
All mint everything
Long live me

Now that the castle is standing firm
The lawn could be a shade more lavish
The fence a brighter white
Order on the inside, now I crave a double-superficial shine
Glowing orbs bouncing over the front yard
A platinum pet cloud in the back
All mint everything, long live me
Dreamnasium every day until the lime hog cracks

I'd rather die on a hotel bathroom floor
Than reign supreme on a shack held together by boards

I'll unremain chained to this side of the ridge
Burn me with the bridge

Luxury lifelord shop
Black opal bathtub, finely chopped
6 claws grinding across the clock
Devil's hand, temporal glock

In hot pursuit of the post-game bonus world
A stack of hides to reach the diamond-frosted brass ring
Burn me with the bridge
I'll never have to meet my maker if that maker is me

Up and over the community gate
No more waiting for a chance to generate
Our own path to the aureate rainbow
A sporting chance at leisure to make and maintain
Track Name: Confetti from the Exit Wound
Buried in your skull, nestled in your ribcage
A lever lies between bubbling blood and sparkling shade

I never meant to cast such an ugly reflection
A shadow that vacuums life and emits fatigue
Don't stuff your emotions into molotovs, don't be like me
Don't let your shadow lead the way
Keep the background in the background
Resist the grips of dead scenery
May your worst self never be found
A rather final act of refracticide
Necessary to survive
I must shatter the agitated hive

Trapped in the lung of conjuncture
The only way out is to puncture
And puncture I will, make pedals of flesh
In through the airway, out through the chest

Hand on shoulder, barrel to forehead
Finger on trigger, death of a negative force

Left brain blowout, everything must go
This fertile earth awaits my offering
The starlit unlocking of a melatonin pinata
Why waste a minute when your marrow is softening?
Track Name: Every Blade of Grass Below Us
For you and only you

Celebrated at my best, understood at my worst
I never guessed the haziest dream would be the first
I could love a beast like you
It's fucking true, I fucking do

For you and only you
My eyes outshine the moon
I crave your cardiovascular spray

Your passive-impressive sense of time
Leaves a lasting impression and peace of mind
Like an astral fist slamming down from the sky
Demanding order, instant silence every time

I didn't write the ugly words
Surrounding this garden of serenity
The author is walking in circles outside
On fire but he's not burning
He'll pace a grave into the ground and let the dirt cave in
I'll drag a tombstone over if you bring the pallid flowers
I'll carve the eulogy into digital cement if you sing the final hymn
And then we will commence digging up old butterflies

Flaming mandalas on an ocean of oil
You face the dark head-on to preserve my eyes
A cleansing blizzard when I come to a boil
I want your ink splattered on every page of my life

Coronated by a million-leaf clover
And just like that my lonesome nights are over
Track Name: Grand Theft Tyranny
I don't like myself charbroiled
This is the turmoil to end all turmoil

Another turn of the hamster wheel
Sweatin' in the dead of night
Hands up to bitchslap the sky
They ain't comin' down 'til everything is right
Sick and tired of being
Sick and tired of everything
I'm headed for cokehair by 20

My body and brain are in a race to collapse
Being bitter gets old real fast
Primal reaction to dissastisfaction
Animalistic invokation of a state of reversed sedation

The will to outlast every chain lodged in my bones
To outlive everyone too selfish to rot alone

I'm carving out solutions with the subtlety of a smoking hood
A carcass wrapped in fly traps and hurled down a hill

My body and brain are in a race to collapse
Being bitter gets old real fast
Primal reaction to dissastisfaction
Animalistic invokation of a state of reversed sedation

Neither wired nor tired
Devoid of desire
To walk away from the fire
The end goal requires

Progression fueled by aggression

Defiant by nature, by discontent I'm driven
No stains will remain on the good I've got
To hell with the hand that I've been given
Seppuku the day I submit to my lot