Potato Hate Explosion Bowling Green, Missouri

Potato Hate Explosion is an experimental cybergrind/metalcore act started in late 2012.
Hailing from the depths of the midwest, PHE is a one-man spudcore powerhouse.

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Track Name: Yallery Brown
The wishes
You wasted
Being hell-bent on hard work

You could’ve had it all
Opportunity assault
Send the little man away and be a jerk

Yallery Brown
Track Name: Screw MCR, I'm Doing Just Fine
I am okay
No problems here
That I can’t fix
You’re an emo conventioneer

Get a life
Stop being so freaking depressed
Now I’m not okay
Because thinking about such a crappy band with such crappy fans has made my day not a good day
Track Name: Brutal Minus the Crocs
Walking down the street in a Whitechapel shirt
A black skull lanyard and black black shorts
Sleeves pulled up onto my shoulders looking straight out of JFAC
Then look down and realize that I am wearing Crocs
Bluuuuuuuuuuuuue crocs
Track Name: Otzi: The Iceman's Curse
Look at me
Discover my frozen arse
I am so cold
And peeved at you for defiling my corpse

Suffer deep into the future
Track Name: Texture Pack is Dangit
Take the plunge
Craft stuff
I don’t mind the loudness war
But Rick Rubin really pushes it
Track Name: Fun with Laser Pointers and Amish People
What the hell is that?
The red light on your dress
The red light on my house
The red light on Jebediah

The red light on the cows
The red light in the store
The red light on the window
The red light on my unlocked door

Fuck all this English shit
I’m going down to the red light district
Track Name: Chocolate Chip Throwing Stars
Tasty and lethal
Sweet and so deadly
Sharp, pointy and gooey
Chocolate chip throwing stars

Like Penta-graham crackers
They are yummy and evil
Chocolate chip throwing stars to eat and kill with

Just made a fresh batch of death
Track Name: Lowe's = Nostalgia (Feat. Corey Amador)
Lowes equals nostalgia
For reasons I don’t quite understand

The doors the carts
The floors the flower pots
The smell and atmosphere of the big blue building

Slaughter it, Chuggernott!

Lowe’s equals Nostalgia
Track Name: My Pants Are in My Pocket
Hello officer
How’s it going this fine evening?
What? Where are my pants?
They’re right here in my pocket!

You’ll never take me alive, coppers!
Track Name: The Mascot that Single-Handedly Team-Raped the Team
No respect
For the entertainer
Is what adds up to
Disproportionate retribution

Take it you jocks
It all comes back to you
I’m really getting fired up
Firing up your asses

Take it you bitches
It all comes back to you
I’m really getting fired up
Fucking up your asses
Track Name: The Cactus Jack Crack Smash
Cactus Jack
Smash it with your crack
Squish the opposition
And bang bang

Dude Love/Mankind
Crush with your behind
Squish the opposition
And have a nice day
Track Name: Flinchalympics
Made ya flinch

Jacob sucks

Made you flinch
Track Name: D-VON, GET THE TABLES!!!
Bubba Ray
The Dudley Boyz
And Spike

Smash the tables
And leave everyone
Wondering why
Bubba Ray is white
Track Name: Your Kid Left on the A.C. Because You Suck
It’s so cold in here
What did you do?
It’s the middle of the summer and I’m freezing my ass off
Track Name: I Don't Computer
What are you trying to get into?
What are you trying to do?
Will it not let you on?
Does the Yahoo work on here?

Do the thing
Click out of there
You just go into there
I can’t get into my email
Track Name: Super Humper Monkey Deluxe
I’m the little horny freak
I’m the underdog, yes I’m a dog alright
The short bearded but cute pervert
Stealing women like kills

Hump hump hump hump
Track Name: YOLO (If You Suck at Super Mario Bros.)
Here we go

Jump up and down
Running around
Stomping on Koopas
And taking Bowser to town

Rack up those lives
And be close to immortal
Just try to survive
And get through the pipe portals
Track Name: Crystal City K-Mart
So haunted
This place of doom
Walk with me
Walking buddy
Let’s hear the gunshots
And screaming girls

See some headlights
Punctuated with pig squeals
Track Name: You'll Never Guess Where the Dog Lives in These Woods
You’ll never guess where the dog lives in these woods
You’ll find it soon enough, it will be a surprise
If you’re lucky you’ll be in the outer forest
Is this a threat? No, it’s just a warning

No, it’s not a puppy in the basement ending
Not gonna end well if you fall
I’ll give you a hint; it’s really, really tall
Your mythical troubles are just beginning

Three heads
Three heads
Three heads