Potato Hate Explosion Bowling Green, Missouri

Potato Hate Explosion is an experimental cybergrind/metalcore act started in late 2012.
Hailing from the depths of the midwest, PHE is a one-man spudcore powerhouse.

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Track Name: For the Love of Astral Seafaring
Laying without motion under a sea of ethereal planets
Existing without purpose, dying to live and see her face again
It's likely not worth the pain as I've learned before
Two couldn't kill me so I'm trying once more, once more
They say the third time's a charm and I'll find out if it's so
If things go south in the midwest again, I'll call
I'll call
I'll call
Track Name: By My Beard
Over a gauntlet of lofty mountains I've blazed a trail of magnificence
The crusade will continue without stopping, prepare for horror, laughter
And suspense

What the fuck is deceleration? I'm just getting started on my agglomeration
Of memories and lessons learned, some easy, some hard, grateful miscreation
I am the antlered beast, moosifer, satanic leaver of tracks under the moon
I abhor the mornings, just call me the son of the afternoon

Pot to the damn A.T.O
Track Name: Midwestern Walmart Throwdown
Land of the free, merchandise so very cheap
Uniforms of blue overthrown, eternal sleep
Lower prices, unlimited vices
500 proud 'Muricans, all the doors are locked twice

The only way out is survival
Time to beat some patriotic ass

There's a brawl in electronics and a massacre in frozen foods
Dairy products flying over aisles, you know what to do
Commandeer a wheelchair, load up on baseball bats
Make the fat yokels give chase and wait for the heart attacks

Now it's time to swing that $7.50 graphic tee!
Track Name: Cut the Shinfo
So much bullshit, so little time
Shake up the bottle, let it spew

Go to your prom, leave your phone at home
Worry the ones that love you sick
Get a new message, look at it
Don't take the time to reply, you dick
Compile the mission statement
Before you know what the fuck you're doing
Writer's block just go ahead
Try to subdue the peace I am pursuing

This wing is a flying boat
A healthy vessel to enter and exit mirthful rage mode
Cago en tu leche once more
Track Name: The Great Blepchuu Sham

I want to go to hell because my enemies will go to heaven
There's a war going on all around us so grab a seat
I know they're bad news but I still salivate at their issues
We're driving cattle, a Batman Gambit, move

Life sucks unless you make it rule
Unlike a smiley gladhands in a monkey suit
Putting on disgustingly thick layers of airs
In the name of appearing professional
If we're all gonna pay then let's play on the way

Lighten the fuck up, I'm not saying get fucked up
Just stop and think about how most things don't matter
And watch your luck change

I want to go to hell because my enemies will go to heaven
There's a war going on all around us so grab a seat
Through the shells and the stars and the bulls and the airhorns
We're driving cattle, a Batman Gambit, move
Track Name: Rise of the Spud
(Guitar solo by Bill Dorfer of Where The Corpses Fall and Eclipse Insomnia)

Fuck the high road, I'm sailing through the sky
Many enemies have tried but I won't fucking die
Cut you down, shake the ground, I'm done with all that bullshit
Getting stronger by the day, unstoppable pioneer, don't you fucking forget

All I ever did was love and care
Taking on your problems and trying not to crack
I wish you the best, maybe someday you'll learn to feel
Standing up instead of on your back
True friends have kept me afloat, we've vanquished the sadness
Track Name: TRYSS02
Get it through your capitulum that people can be dicks
Instead of taking the high road you fling yourself repeatedly off the cliff

Make peace with yesteryear or learn to fucking let it go
You can't change the past so don't let it ruin your future, give the pain a throw
Quit your goddamn bitching about shit that doesn't matter
Advertise a flyer while the rest of us get fatter

Standing outside the igloo, flipping off potential customers
Let it go, it goes anyway
While the penguins slave away the rooster holds up a pricey sign
Let it go, it goes anyway
Investing in a crib before you get to second base
Track Name: Entities We Trust
All shapes and sizes, small, big or in the middle where it's fucking perfect
Theres no such thing as too much mammary
In the moonlight, under the sun
Glistening testaments to mother nature's undiluted glory
Tits are great even though I'm an ass man but that's a different slippery story

Good for the heart, does wonders for the soul
Only better when they're bouncing, time to rock and fucking roll
Track Name: Luigi Board
Three green 'shrooms for the diabolic plank
A fair price thought the tall brother even as his heart sank

Toad skipped town
Luigi dabbled with the ouija board
The last mansion he ever faced alive
Become what thou feareth and thou shalt thrive

Mario came-ah knockin'
Only to find the abandoned planchette
Curiosity got the best of him
The plumber looked up and saw a green ghost above him

Luigi, now immortal and on the prowl
The elder sibling let out a howl
Who's the coward now?
Track Name: Suppy
I finally know the meaning of the words "so much to live for"
Today is knocking and I'm getting off my ass to answer the door
I'm going through an example of Earn Your Happy Ending
I'm banishing the bullshit, the rest of my life is just beginning

From "Three Little Birds" to "Middle Fingers Up", music has had my back
Bro, do you even posi? Negativity and haters can lick my sack
I'm leaving this redneck hellhole and never really coming back
Pizza on the west coast or wherever I may roam is in my future

What do you think about that
I'm gonna go buy a snapback
Skinny jeans, flannel and an unnecessary backpack
Track Name: tlouk-pqid-tlouk-pqid-thkpnt
Dreams of yestersolarday, so vague and yet so very vivid
Fully engorged nostalgia boner swinging everywhere
Fully engorged nostalgia boner releasing waves of yearning
An anchoritic post office residing in peaceful tundra
Cliff town and beyond, words cannot do justice

Noetic visions

Omnipotent wanderings of the mind
And the warmth of sundown as the starting line
Omnipotent wanderings of the mind
Way out there with the cows
Screensaver bliss
And the warmth of sundown as the starting line
Omnipotent wanderings of the mind

Reawakened every day
The places dreamburned into one's brain
Track Name: Slowmo Supercharge
I'm a ball of energy

I'm taking this good mood I'm in and I'm running like hell
No stopping, no slowing down, no looking back until
I am safe and sound in the arms of the beacon of hope I'm looking for
Ride the lightning, bounce off the wind, I'm not sad anymore

Jump jump jump jump jump jump jump jump
I'm a ball of energy
Track Name: The Mild Hunt
No, nope, negative, nuh-uh
Nope, never, nay, not a chance
No, no, nope, hell no!
No, no, no, no, NOOOOOOOOOO!!!
Track Name: The Cows
I walk so callously away from civilization
Into and out of the unknown realms of the stuff of dreams
Darkened green skies and black outlines of crooked tree limbs
I watch the demonic bovine creatures overturning

The cows, they tip over the boxes
They want the energy

I can see them growing
Giant bovine beasts growing
I think I should be going
No! I will raise them as my own
Track Name: Enter the Temple of Huzzah
I'm earning my master's degree in Notgiveafuckery
From the pigs to the red tree and beyond to that which treats me right

The time has arrived to throw myself off the edge of the horizon
Still searching for my mania
Aural inscription
To the eternal crackhead and the Silent Bob
And the heedless jackanapes for the scornful fun that is my job

This vampiric wisdom
Depressed tongues, sliced
Dead and gone, in good fun we go on
On and on
In jovial untouchability
There's no stopping what can't be bothered

Concurrently enshrouded and enlightened
Stoned off my ass on the fumes of life, no longer frightened
Thanks to my platonic scholar mistress every day is brightened
Gramps and lord of the seenzone, the chroma of the fellowship is heightened


Ending of the dispiriting yore
Beginning of hereafter, no superfluous sadness anymore