Effusion of Steez, Cheese, and Japanese Seas

by Potato Hate Explosion

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Potato Hate Explosion's 8th studio album.
Released on Beastmaker Records.

"New PHE and holy shit go to soundcloud and check it out, no boulshit. This kid can be annoying at times on here sure but I am gonna stop calling it "music" and just say music from now on....no more quotation marks. Now the title of album is a little silly but the music is actually damn good and my favorite PHE album. Steez is a great great song. I listened to it 3 times already. Anything that walks was clearly inspired by RangerBlack and is great as well. I think the toolshed song was inspired by shittalker and the song Cheese is an instant epic classic PHE song. Good job kid and seriously I liked almost every song and even the throw away b side songs weren't bad. You fucks should go to soundcloud and give it a listen cause it is IMO pretty damn creative and entertaining. PHE for Mayhem 2014!"
- DimebagDallas


released September 18, 2013




Potato Hate Explosion Bowling Green, Missouri

Potato Hate Explosion is an experimental cybergrind/metalcore act started in late 2012.
Hailing from the depths of the midwest, PHE is a one-man spudcore powerhouse.

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Track Name: Steez
PHE all the way
No escape from this heat
Suck the grind, lick the electro
Spit out the final result
I have to keep moving
With this circus of hate, love, funny, pain, everything

No one can stop this
I cannot be tamed
Once and for all
At least 500 people
Will know my name

Potato Hate Explosion
Track Name: Anything That Walks
Legs, thighs, buns
Face, feet, chest meat
Young, old, inbetween
Especially, because I love MILFs

Barely legal
Well I'm not either, so underage anyway
Got something-something
In the trunk lies the key to immortality and orgasm

All over the place
Right on the face
And beyond
I have low standards

I really want to save it for marriage and I
plan to but sadly for me
Given the opportunity I would cave and
crave and dive right in

Through the pee hole
Through B-hole (x2)
Through the pee hole [WHAT]
Through B-hole [WHAT] (x2)
Track Name: The Hangman's Final Prayer
Your religion is the Desitin
Under my balls

Jeebus hates us all
For me the feeling is mutual
Repetitively running into a wall
Blind rage made me do it: Montreal

He is everywhere
Sadist that demands prayer
Prick without a care
Does God wear underwear?

Because it seems
It's constantly
Raining shitty situations
And soiled dreams

I'm down
From my post
No longer to be crucified
See you in the current life
I'm heading for the hills
Good riddance and goodbye
Track Name: Sharp Temptations in the Toolshed of Unholy Terrors
Dark and dusty, hot and ominous
Inauspicious thoughts of saltation off the edge

Cutting and prodding
Power up the walls
Grab your chainsaw and check for your balls
Let's go-a people hunting
In the rain, inflicting pain
Floating weightlessly in the deep end of human remains
Track Name: Goatse on a Boat
What ever happened to the elasticity
Found within his asshole?
I sent you to a shock site

Out of the parody, now we swim
Away from this terrible curse that's spreading
Spreading and stretching
So wide, it shines agape

Now he's paddling with his ass
Separating the gap between the red sea
And your shoulders
How's the view in there?
Track Name: Cheese
None of this means anything
My discography, my cheesy songs
Recklessly I move along

Smeared on the bathroom walls of music history
Just like turdfitti my tunes will decrease
The quality of your life unless you can see
That I am only having fun, yes I am only having fun

Cheese is me
No substitute for me
I am the one and only

Bad Christmas sweater junk word salad salsa hump
Jump to conclusions about flibflibfloob

Track Name: Numbers
1: Pretty good; Underused
2: The happiness I haven't found yet
3: Death; Down for the count
4: Bad
5: Good

7: Sometimes good, sometimes bad
8: Don't know
10: Great and constantly used
16: Previously bad because of abandonment
But now okey dokey because it's me

20: Good, I guess
35: Exciting
Track Name: Human/Amish Experimentation
Man of the land, come with me and see
Your own mortality and test your beliefs

He's gone, now he's back
5 minutes away from this world

What did you see?
Did you meet your lord and savior?
Or did the beards pull your leg and steal your wife and rape her?

Submerged just long enough
To cement the future that starts today
Track Name: Eldritch Objet D'art Freakout
O' carse
Drive-thru Judas Priest
Dreams, o' carse
Track Name: Combat Cold Cuts!
Murderous meat

PETA sucks, the meat runs amok
Slaying bleeding hearts, spicy beefy sludge

Deli fodder comes to life
Stands and grabs a butcher knife
Hacking, packing, scorching, gorging
Meat will feast on vegans tonight

The meat walks and takes a life
Track Name: Japanese Seas
Sitting, picking skin
I am the little man of constant sorrows

Aimlessly, pointlessly
Floating and drifting
To nowhere, nowhere at all

The end is on the other horizon
This is my outlet until I get back to the road
Land and sea, parallel to destiny

Deep this is not

Somewhere I am free

This is beyond what you can understand
This is above your reading level
This is higher than what we can comprehend as a race
I like Slim Jims