Blood Orange Wizard Summer

by Potato Hate Explosion

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released June 17, 2015




Potato Hate Explosion Bowling Green, Missouri

Potato Hate Explosion is an experimental cybergrind/metalcore act started in late 2012.
Hailing from the depths of the midwest, PHE is a one-man spudcore powerhouse.

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Track Name: Prologue
I miss my fucking smile

All dressed up and no place to go
Soaking up moon beams all alone
Another bad night that I regret
Like wiping off wasted corpsepaint
Even though I'm perfectly capable
I'm tired of cheering myself up
Even though I can do it all day
It'd be nice to be spared the effort
Every now and then
I'm treading in a sea of hopeless semantics
But soon it'll all be fine...
Track Name: When Potatoes Fight Back
To every ounce of sadness, every grain of guilt
Every moment without hope and every wall I've built
To every time I've felt alone or thought that I wanted to quit

Exhale all that which no longer serves you

There's a showdown with sorrow going down at high noon
The poor bastard doesn't stand a chance
I'm checking every room, every crevice is doomed
Every negative emotion will be Swiss cheese soon
Get back there on the floor, show me some honesty
What doesn't kill you makes you strong enough for retaliation
I'm going to war with sadness, repossessing every wasted breath
Head-on collision with internal opposition
The sky will bleed orange and the ground will glow with death

Fuck girl problems, fuck loneliness
Fuck isolation and fuck this stress
I've binged on gloom, now there's no more room
I'm purging the pain and evicting the bullshit

Exhale all that which no longer serves you
I'm filling in the rut with gold
Hijacking my own mind, reclaiming control
Exhale all that which no longer serves you

Kill every nocturnal vice and take back the night

Fuck girl problems, fuck loneliness
Fuck isolation and fuck this stress
I've binged on gloom, now there's no more room
I'm purging the pain and evicting the bullshit now

I never thought it'd come to this
But I'd be lying if I said it didn't give me a rush, goddamn
Here lies a hermetic slump
The blood is all over my hands
I'll embrace hell and chug the high water
Spit it out to flood every self-pity parade
Explode with hate to cleanse the slate
Every day the choice will be made to
Keep on partying
Track Name: We're Leaving Town Tonight
The rain has never smelled so sweet and hopeful
I've never been so happy to see a trail of rainbows
On the ground
Not quite everything that goes up
Has to come back down
Ring in the season
Let's do a few lines of gunpowder

Oh soaring sun, bathe me in the beams that heal
Cleanse me, make every flash forward real
Burn away the ache and my selfish need to feel
Roast my bones

Let's grind out the fire
Up into this world
Leave behind a trail of burnt malice in the air
The nectar of high spirits is starting to drizzle down again

I know I'm the bottom of a lot of barrels
And I'm okay with that
Screaming back at dirt that yells
Let's blow this fuckdump

Hanging out on the edge of the sky
We're not gonna die
Not tonight

The pity party got out of hand
The grim reaper was just fashionably late
Track Name: No Bus Stops On the Speedway
I am the blue thief, my heart is the egg
I am the blue thief, my heart is the egg
I am the blue thief, my heart is the egg
I'm burning the bottom of the barrel

On the road again, not slowing down for a soul
The affirmative endorphins are back in control
The moon is shining bright and flying high like my criteria
If anyone feels worthy and wants a piece
Then catch up, catch up, try and get me
I have a feeling I'll be working on myself
For a long damn time

No basic bitches, no pigs or plebs
I'm picky as hell and proud of it

I cancelled my subscription
To the Crisis of the Month Club
Cast away last April's blade
Not another strip of tape until I find the
Perfect, permanent plug

Drop all the bombs you want
Right between my aching shoulders
A Soothing, Mystic Rhythm
That leaves the void to smolder

I know there's not birdshit on every square of the sidewalk
I am the blue thief, my heart is the egg
Track Name: The Tour Guide Is Dead
As I walk through the valley of camo and meth
Everybody that I grew up with starts to look like death
These years of hope are filled with days of repetition
And I'm tired of my friends not wanting to be alive
The aroma of barbecue and narcotics in the air

Here's an iPad, you little shit
Now shut the fuck up, my stories are on

Born into a kingdom of underachievement
Heir to a secondhand throne of contentment
I'm supposed to be damned to a life of resentment

Gotta be up early in the morning
Make a living doing what I hate
So wham, bam, thank you, ma'am
I ain't lickin' that
Work, drink, hate, wake up, repeat
Work, drink, hate, wake up, repeat

It's not a zombie invasion
It's a living evasion
Convince yourself what you're around is what you are
Postpone the pain with a PBR

Work, drink, hate, wake up, repeat
Work, drink, hate, wake up, repeat
Then you die
Track Name: Scury and How It Gets That Way
Violet stains linger everywhere on everything
The veil falls in every room
When the sun drops the world stops
A swarm of presences passes through

It hovers over the home
Movement becomes slow


Those eyes were so alive
Not the kind to be drained of life
Glowing, the only source of light
Believing won't take the whole night

The blackest messages infiltrate the mind
The grimmest images will swindle your eyes
The most hideous hands pass right through your back
The coldest chill serves as an omen before the attack
The emptiest faces stare right back across the hall
The deepest thumps resonate through every wall
The most insidious misdirections have lead you astray
The door is open, now you'll sleep in the casket you made
It hovers over the home
Track Name: Neutron Hook
Motherfuck negativity

It's time to bring the gravity
All hopped up on godspeed

Take a busy life for granted
And tell me how it feels
Wish for what I'm sick of
And have a pre-digested meal

Motherfuck negativity
Time to bring the gravity

Is it for the kind of functionality
Or the consistency of functionality?
I've got nothing better to do than shock the fuck right out of you
Scare the shit right off of your eyes
I'm running on one chakra, but you don't know which one
Before the rest get going I strongly suggest you run

Neon happy ending weaver
Rap game Twain, spirit animal Shiva
Cynicism, listen the fuck up
Get out of my house

Motherfuck negativity
I'll bring the goddamn gravity
Two-stepping in my Vans//To this breakdown
Two-stepping in my Vans//Just picked up change
Two-stepping on my hands
You push-pitters boring, get them limbs soaring//Drop that 808
Two-stepping in my Vans//To this brutal slam
Two-stepping in my Vans//Swinging hammers and
Two-stepping on my hands
You puritan plebs boring, true metal got me snoring
Track Name: Magic Crafter's Antilament
Something truly beautiful, dipped in platinum
Something that makes the bad feelings go away
Poking and prodding until the night shines
Every eve we throw tiny moons into the sky

We carve out glowing craters that stay forever fresh
Laying down a stream of conciousness in radiant retches
Cursed to eterally pick apart and rearrange
Abstraction's the composer and the stars are the stage

Poking and prodding until the night shines
Every eve we throw tiny moons into the sky

Drinking deep from a bottomless pit of molecular diamonds
Spraying every wall of the world with bright, aesthetic mirrors and
Giving sentience to spires made of astral stimuli
Heaving buckets of sparkling innovations into the sky
Track Name: Screwniversity
Trust your own fucking map//I refuse to take the pill

Yes, I'll make something of myself
Just not through the predetermined traffic jam of debt
Yes, I have a goddamn plan
And it won't be paved with stress and regret
Just my own sweat
Not standardized trivia I'll just forget

"You don't know what you're missing
This homework is killing me
You really should consider it
These finals will be death of me
How do you plan to make a living?
I'll never pay off these loans
Join us, join us
I think I'll just go back home"

It might be for you, and that's perfectly fine
Don't let me stop you, go for it and shine
But it ain't my bag and I decline
This is my path, my life

I'm not followin' what you're swallowin'
I'm not swallowin' what you're followin'
Track Name: The Country of Earth
Keep this gorgeous globe jumping
And the heart of the human race pumping
We don't need borders, we don't need wars
We're all citizens of the same colossal world

There's plenty of planet to go around
We started out level, free and without
Any division, any bounds
And look at us now
We can make it better than ever before

Keep the culture, kick the hatred
Strive for variety admiration
These dreams could see the light of day
If we all put aside our damning pride and embrace love
I believe that world peace is completely in our reach
Track Name: 3:07
There's an exorcism going down tonight

Something's been ailing me
It seems I've inhaled quite a fiend
But a potato is the one thing that cannot be possessed
I try to keep my dimmer chapters locked away
No one's fun when they're sad and I know I'm no exception
I don't always feel this great, but I don't make it a PSA because

Should my body contort, let me convulse
If I cough up poison, know it's nothing I mean
I may howl, I may levitate, my eyes may invert
And when the ground starts to rumble, remember
The sun is coming soon

Once upon a time depression tried to fuck with me
And ended up suspended from an old and broken tree
Once upon a windy night gloom tried to get the best of me
And ended up impaled, mutilated and 16 feet deep
Track Name: Aquagoat
The millions watching at home
Are exploding, glued to their screens
But the fortunate few in attendance
Overlook how much it means
I know you//And I know you'd call off the war machines
At the first sign of prosperity
The time has come to carry the rainbow torch
Rife with freedom and a newfound right to explore

Easy, clear, clean breathin'
No reason to fear a heathen
Hooves brushing against the ocean floor
The surface will be pierced by the horns
There I am
And there's everyone, everywhere
Almost all the time, half of everything

The millions watching at home
Are exploding, glued to their screens
But the fortunate few in attendance
Overlook how much it means

I'm digging into the cake and eating around the worms
Fuck it, eat the cake, break
And slurp up the worms
I'm trying to become you because I miss you
Track Name: Tater Crew
I've fought a war and I'll fight it again
Every time the black bile comes to attack
I'll beat down anything that goes after my friends
Come to me, whatever you need, I've got your back

We're not through the woods yet
But I promise you we'll make it out
And when we do
I'll burn the fucking forest down

This shit will pass, just take my hand
You've made it this far, you're stronger than you think
You'll reclaim control, take back command
You're far from alone, I'm right behind you in everything

We'll crush anything in the way
Stomp out, destroy, obliterate
I'll defend you with my all, every bone, every breath
You mean everything to me and I know
That you can kill death
Here lies a hermetic slump
The blood is all over our hands
Track Name: The Brightest Stars Are Down Here