Before the Evening is Over​.​.​.

by Potato Hate Explosion

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Potato Hate Explosion returns with his 11th album guaranteed to either melt your face clean off or at least make you say "WHAT THE FUCK!?!?"
And it's free. As always. Download this thingamajig.


released March 10, 2014




Potato Hate Explosion Bowling Green, Missouri

Potato Hate Explosion is an experimental cybergrind/metalcore act started in late 2012.
Hailing from the depths of the midwest, PHE is a one-man spudcore powerhouse.

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Track Name: Before the Evening is Over...
Before the evening is over
We might just see a ghost

In the name of Lucifer, word salad lyrics and weird-ass music
I invoke thee, oh spirit of spud
Track Name: Back Into the Woods
I don't believe in algebra, bloodsport
Let it spill, there go ya (MOVE THAT BUS)
I don't believe in algebra, bloodsport
Let it spill, there go ya (OUT OF THE RUT)

The skinny jeans, they fit, they fit
New year, new eberyting, holy fucking shit
One year down, infinite to go
Eeka eeka, sooka sooka, eeka eeka, sooka, let's go

I don't believe in algebra, bloodsport
Let it spill, there go ya (MOVE THAT BUS)
I don't believe in algebra, bloodsport
Let it spill, there go ya (OUT OF THE RUT)

Dark forces now inform you that this return to
Deformed un-form will call forth the swarm into war
Track Name: Weuhh...
Fuck yeah!!!

Every day I roll from the patch
Ready to dispatch, at half past noon
I fall out of bed, but I get up knowing someday
I'll have someone to fall down with me

Living life, ambling to the grave
My loneliness goes on and on like a rave
On the other hand of my incomplete life
I stay posi most of the time, hijack the rave and rage all night

Give me all the information, bitchernet! (x3)
Fill my mind with new conceptions
Give me all the information, bitchernet! (x4)
Track Name: Metempsychotic
I’ve been working like a beast
Like a mortal, like a rhino
Charge into the future with gusto
We don’t have all year
So cough it up, the bottles you broke and swallowed
I know you can do it, try

My teeth are painless
So it hasn’t been approved
Let’s try some more
And see what we can do
Track Name: Just Leave Me Out in the Rain
Single, lonely, cold, short
Abandoned, trying to stay posi, OCD, I just need some comfort
Chewed up heart and soul, almost dead but not quite broken
Lazy eye, 5'4, virgin, softspoken

I have so much love to give, but I don't know if anyone wants me
Now I lay in the street alone, I think I just need a hug
Track Name: That Which Does Not Smite Me
Rise of the woobie in me
I went from quasi-dead to posi-pumped up
Got friends, pizza, happiness and a newfound determination
To be never alone

Everything is better, I came out stronger
You cannot fucking hold me down
I'm solo like before but curious no longer
It's not that tall an order:
Sweet, weird, atheistic, beautiful and cognizant
Trusting, stable, equally as blasphemous and fucking proud of it
Compassionate, spontaneous, affectionate and confident
Victory is the name of my ship, and that's the way I'm gonna row
Track Name: Ready Set Hot Dog
Friends don't let friends take the blame for the misadventures of zombies
A drunken bedtime story told to the mistress of the author
A fat cigar in one hand and a vibrating cross in the other
The forbidden fruit is pure, absolute freedom

I will reach up for the stars and smack jehovah witless
It's like Pinocchio accepting his puppetry
I will not kneel to your fabled christ
Your pathetic cult of personality

Rock me, Asmodeus!
Track Name: Mowed Down (featuring Samantha Michelle Smith)
(Guest vocals and some additional mastering done by Samantha Michelle Smith)

Rust-covered, wretched, yelling vessel of tetanus
Hexed many years ago, now sentient and murderous

Made in China, cursed in the woods, out for bloody vengeance
It will stop at nothing from the garden to the grave, it's pitiless and it means business

Running rampant through the front yard, plodding over victims
Gore will fly in all directions as if from the sprinkler
Mechanical animosity, born to blade-rape your face
Track Name: Suck Dynasty
Why so shocked? Ignorance gonna ignorance
If I had a quarter for every piece of that bullshit Wal-Mart hocks
I'd build a fucking duck cannon and blow your cor blimey gods among hicks to smithereens

It must be a real bitch getting jizz out of those chawbacon Chia Pet beards
Motherfucker, I believe in unity, equality and broad-minded, unbiased human rights

Take any saved christian who's been prayed straight for Jesus
Hang a dick in his face and watch him renounce his faith
Track Name: Satyrical Ibex Shindig (featuring Chuggernott)
(Lead guitar (right) performed by Chuggernott)

Blue to the bone
I went to church sick and coughed on everything
Righteous impiety
I've burnt my inner chapel to nothing

Every now and then
I tease my christian friends
With the slightest hints
Of satanic irreverence

Under the blackened sky
Illuminated by
The glow of a thousand
Haunting wax lights

Mankind has progressed beyond god
After death we will all simply rot
No afterlife, no resurrection, let's live it up now
To the one that burns below we proudly bow

Gather 'round the fire and drink from the chalice of life
Track Name: Deep-Fried Rage (featuring PostmortemPreteenGangbang)
(Guest vocals performed by PostmortemPreteenGangbang)

They started off with swag
Now they're putting my food in the bag
To support the slags they shagged

Minimum wage, maximum rage
Why do these fucking idiots get paid?

Pull up, order, clear and precise
Plain, nothing on it, just a fucking sandwich
It comes back covered, smothered every single fucking time
How hard can it be to keep your hand off of the mustard, bitch?

Pickles, lettuce, onions, tomatoes
Ketchup, tartar sauce, anchovies and hepatitis

Bread, meat, bread
Wrap it up
Put it in the bag
How can you fuck that up?
Track Name: Complaint
Your child wasn't misbehaving
He/she is autistic
I didn't steal your TV
I'm a kleptomaniac
Track Name: Exclamation Point

Track Name: Whale in Space (featuring Crash the Lad)
(Guest vocals performed by Crash the Lad)

Fondling the fourth wall
Articulatio felicity philosophy velocity
Like a whale
I'm hauling ass to space
Track Name: Nocturnal Fuel Station Nostalgia
Soda in hand and eyes to the sky
Meandering around the parking lot

Among friends, from dusk 'til we die
Watching the highway blur by under the neon lights