And I'm OK with That

by Potato Hate Explosion

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The 14th full-length from everyone's favorite spud!

DISCLAIMER: I <3 TX and AK. I just thought it'd be funny to bookend the album with anthems to such disproportionate retribution.


released December 29, 2014




Potato Hate Explosion Bowling Green, Missouri

Potato Hate Explosion is an experimental cybergrind/metalcore act started in late 2012.
Hailing from the depths of the midwest, PHE is a one-man spudcore powerhouse.

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Track Name: And I'm OK with That
Make today a party
We're all here for a limited time and I'm okay with that
18 years in, still haven't hit my prime, XVIII's just a pre-dinner snack
The tater under the existential bridge
Things went south in the midwest again and I'm okay with that

My mindset is serenity on steroids, LSD, crack and speed

I'm a multitastard, basking in 3 different beams of glory
An escort mission, floating orbs lighting up your story
For the love of all things unholy, MOSH

Long live the world, such a beautiful place
Fuck an itinerary, vaga-bound around in disarray
I won't rest until there's a smile on every face
I love this wretched earth more and more every day
Track Name: No? No. Yes? Yes.
A person with no worries is unstoppable
It's all good in this hood, hop over to the posi side
Accept a new mindset, damn near anything is possible
I welcome death but I'm not ready to die yet
I crashed my own pity party, turned it into a happiness bash
What a fine day to taste the rainbow, siphon the sun and incinerate the past

Around the walls of the potato palace
Breakdowns chase after boisterous blastbeats

Sun down, moon up, not a whisper of malice
Go ask
Nobody because Crystal Castles was a good band goddammit shit fuck

Positive is an understatement
We're discovering level upon level of reveling
Life's too short to think you know or ask why
Live, live, live this life
Before you fucking die
Track Name: Eye of the Tater
I've clawed my way up the totem pole of hell
A journey narrated by intelligent bells
Harnessing nature, harvesting the impure
Reeling in the future, calling forth chiseled allure
Day by day, I'm building a fortress
A monument of fitness towering above yesteryear's plumpness

Transgress the rest, stand above the mess of fat
It's come full circle, picturesque inside and out
What a jest to suggest
That it's a privilege to transubstantiate
Into a self-maintained and made structure of sex

Let's get mad cut | All day long | And work out
Track Name: Nuke Texas
Nuke Texas, bring them certain death
Melt their arrogant mishapen heads
Mess with Texas, cure inbreeding
Take care of Leatherface for good
Nuclear Ebola
Local local local local
Support your local genoscene
Track Name: Blossoming Occultism Over The Years
I'll take fat over flat, big derriere is where it's at
So clap, hyna, clap, wreck shop with that ass
Electrogrind that behind on me
If you don't mind, because that butt makes me lose mine
So fucking fine, let it shine, rectal perfection defined
So refined, for vast ass I pine
Time to unwind, I'll build a shrine to the booty

Consent is key, prerequisite
It's okay with me, say so and I'll drop it
But if you agree, step in front of me
I'll anoint the sacred rump and spectate as you drop it

Potato Twerk Explosion
Slow boner erosion
I love big-assed...women
Potato Twerk Explosion
Track Name: Blue Thumb/Skelesong
You walk through the door with a lampshade on your head
I tear myself from Facebook and go the fuck to bed
Doing everything and nothing at the same time
It's the same thing almost every night
Worshipping the great cloud of useless info
Dripping with drowsiness, pacing to and fro
It's the same thing almost every night
My favorite ball of spite, it overshadows our lives

A blessing and a curse, bringing out the best and worst
At this rate we'll be doing #ThrowbackThursdays from the dirt
Track Name: TRYSS03
Spit it out, spit it out, think before you speak
Not to avoid offending, but to maintain some kind of competency
Half-off pupu platter of rage
Nobody in the world gives a fuck about you getting high and drunk
Or the so-called "breaking" sight of Kim K's hollow sillicone trunk
We didn't swap roles, it was just a case of Pain Split
She's a cheating bastard and I'm a baiting and switching bitch
I'm sorry to everyone I've fucked over
Now that that's out of the way, here's another dose of what makes me irate
Jettisoning all the hate
Fake depression, that's that shit I don't like
A pessimigga, that's that shit I don't like
Leave the door open, turn the light off
Use the lock if you don't want anyone to walk in
Vaguebooking's dumb, grow a pair and to say it to their...inbox
Or put it in a song
Matty Mullins is a shithead

Stick that blue thumb right up your ass
Without a scrap of shame I'm disrupting this bullshit broadcast
Might wanna feed the children in the background of that selfie
That's it, I'm out of wrath for now, I feel better already
Track Name: Put the Kibosh On the Hoo-Hah
I've got no temporary soulmate dragging me down
And I'm okay with that
The solo potato has no painful ties to cut
Dislodged and delighted
All the time in my own world is mine

No more worthless wenches, the bar is firmly situated
6 inches above my head because I still like tall chicks
It turns out having an SO at all times is overrated
I'm not alone, no I'm not alone, I've got a shit ton of friends

I'll take that ball and chain
Pick it up | Drop it | Freedom
Track Name: Code Purple
Bad vibes get battered, mojave rattler
This is what war tastes like
Black matter decorates a neon nuclear fist fight
For those of you still in that hellhole
How's that hellhole been lately?
The emergency brakes go on
When the happy truck is right behind me

I'm the best at being me, you could improve at being you
Chromatic pawns will never learn
You say you need to breathe
But "need" is a pretty strong word

The yard is always greener here than over there
Fresh-cut grasscore
Declaring war upon despair
The ^ ^ around an underscore

Bad vibes get battered, mojave rattler
This is what war tastes like
Black matter decorates a neon nuclear fist fight
For those of you still in that hellhole
How the fuck's that hellhole been lately?
The emergency brakes slam on
When the happy truck is creeping up right behind me
Track Name: Memorandum Acts of Kindness
Show a total stranger some love, happy is what you'll become
Flash a smile, say hello, you'd be surprised how far it goes
Set off a global mirthquake

Unload that extra dollar, drop a note with a positive quote
Pat someone else's back and massage your own soul, start the roll, emote
Free hugs for everyone!!!
An empty heart can weigh three tons
Live to give like an inverted sponge
Compliments and hugs to all, decrepit and young
Assaulting the streets with love that won't be undone
Happiness is yours for the taking
It's your decision to make it
Nobody but you can break it
Take aim at the floor, crack a smile and fucking shake it

Giving is living, to live is to die
With bullets of benevolence we'll load the sky
For a hurricane of happiness
To flood the world before saying goodbye
Track Name: Hug More People
A life spent fearing death wouldn't be much of a loss
Don't you dare leave until you've tried to see it all

Every episode of trauma, every day that ended sadly
Lead you here to today
For every worthless shithead out to pulverize your heart
There's an myriad of altruists who accept with outspread arms
Never let down, never let up
Never stop trying to infect the globe with love
It's not in your hands, not in mine, the weight is on us
Just keep your heart open, that's more than enough
Cherish this life with every fucking breath
Until we perish, we'll keep the fucking faith
We can sleep when we're good and fucking dead

"We must hold on to love even in our most extreme moments of anger, frustration, and darkness.
We must help each other to choose love and keep on choosing it, over and over and over again...
Especially when we have every reason not to."

It's not always easy
And I'm okay with that
A life lived up with no fear for the end wouldn't feel like much of a loss
Life is what you make it, so why not make it count?
Life is what you make it, so why not make it fucking count?
Track Name: Nuke Alaska
Nuke Alaska
No one needs those frozen fucks
The wannabe Eskimos of Alaska need to go
Let's regift that piece of shit
Uncooked TV dinner
From Russia to America straight to Guantanamo
Track Name: Bonsaiority
Shutterstock, Photoshop, overused font, faking a repertoire
You'll realize you suck, fork over 700 bucks
Enlist the help of a washed up schmuck and still be just as stuck

You want the fame, but none of the pain
No lessons learned from criticism, you only complain
You wanna skip the local stage, premature promo's all the rage
And you're the same as every other no-name in the game passing the blame

You've spent more on logos than you'll ever make back with your music
Every fan a pawn, a stat, attention span abusing
Coughing up your mom's life savings for a Sturgis-aping producer
You've got talent but you're too busy sharing statuses to use it
1600 likes, we've opened for I, the Genocide
Make fun of us now, but my girlfriend's dad's boss knows a guy who works for Rise

Peddling your name won't keep your candy asses afloat for long
24 months later every Verb the Noun will be gone
Begging for likes, tagging your band
Not an open note out of place, not a shitpost unplanned
Track Name: Gold Soda
'98 throneroom, freedom for the pawns
Violet sunset images from before the spawn
We walked through the gardens of
Concrete and clouds
Smooth jazz on the rooftop
The city is ours, there's no such thing as lost
Now exiting memory superhighway

Follow the pleasure and not the cold weather
Sticks and stones can't do a fucking thing
We're all together, the world can last forever
And ever, we live on a sphere that's covered in treasure
The last day will come and go
Apocalypse never
Pillaging intergalactic blow
Misanthropic ties are severed | Letter to the editor

You lived a full life
You helped a lot of people
You made a lot of folks smile
Helped others find hope where they least expected it
You did everything you wanted
Accomplished every goal
You met all your favorite bands
Settled down, watched it all slow down
And would go on to do it all over again

Bring it home

Epilogue, prologue
The winding road into the present
End, begin, restart again
All hail Hot Pockets