'98 Throneroom

by Potato Hate Explosion

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released March 17, 2015




Potato Hate Explosion Bowling Green, Missouri

Potato Hate Explosion is an experimental cybergrind/metalcore act started in late 2012.
Hailing from the depths of the midwest, PHE is a one-man spudcore powerhouse.

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Track Name: Taking Back Euphoria
No one owes you a goddamn thing
It's your own fault you feel alone
It's bad enough you fucked a hat
And tainted the name of Doritos
But this fucking tears it
Beta as fuck, too self-absorbed to change it
Nice guys like you stained a word and I'm here to reclaim it
I'm here to reclaim it

A state of joy and satisfaction
If you really had it you might get some action
You need to shave
Your neck and wash your pizza face
-tips fedora-
M'lady, a hot potato trumps a butterball in every way

Fuck you and fuck your enlightenment
Track Name: Seykhl
Refuge in audacity

Thar she blows, she blows, she blows
With a crew of 90 thieves to steal the show
Go as far as you're not supposed to go
Keep the cripples on their toes, leave nothing below
Serial escalation
Go the whole nine yards and keep on running
Sink so low that not even a clownfish would call it funny
"Just as I was gonna cum. Thanks."

Return to sender, fuck paying bills
No kill like overkill

When you can knock someone down with a feather
Opt for the bulldozer
That devilish idea you won't put into motion
I will
No kill like overkill
Refuge in audacity
Track Name: Stay Music
Horns on one hand, peace sign on the other
It's really fun to piss off
Pleb after pleb after pleb after pleb
After pleb after pleb after pleb

If it feels good, say it
If it sounds good, play it
There's a ton of other good shit
Peel back the layers
Find an aural gold mine
Open your damn ears
Be surprised

There's too much to pass up
For the sake of preserving virgin ears
Zero street cred, lanimoN metalhead
I'd rather be a poser than a prick
Classless, nothing is sacred
Fuck staying metal
Stay music

Track Name: The National Anthem of Abearica (feat. Mike Prezioso)

Don't fuck with a raging grizzly
We're circulating ursine propaganda
The perfect bear utopia
Your rights'll be read by the head panda
Who the fuck is Miranda?
Run, run, run with the bears

For bear and country

Campaign to cause pain
To polar squares who complain

Resistance is futile
No more humans for miles
Opposition is futile
Death by bears
Fucking brutal
For Abearica
Track Name: Peachpart
Jesus only loves you for your fashion sense
I'm that weird kid still here making noise
You'll probably never pop that bubble, but I don't give a shit
Mine got, mine got kinda destroyed
Fuck your morals and drown your standards
I'll do it right in front of everybody
Good intentions only matter
When you're out spreading the good news
Well I've got a better article for you
THIS JUST IN: You're not gonna see the apocalypse
So step right up to my altar of win
Drink Satan's piss, you fucking piece of shit, GO!!!

If you're so sure that there's something better
Waiting on the other side for when god is done with you
Then why don't you stop hogging up my worldy air
Take one of those guns you just have to have
And put it to good use
Track Name: Out of Sight, Stapled to Mind
My head is spinning but I think I'm winning
It's hard to be sure but I think something is beginning
The other end of my tunnel vision
Damn you for being you, you gorgeous puzzle
A drug I didn't choose
We can contemplate the universe and summon demons under the stars
Fuck the past, the future can wait, all that matters is the person you are

Your eyes are all mine can see
Break out the holy water to fight the seeds
We can push each other to seize those crazy fucking dreams
And retreat to each other's arms when this crazy world's asleep

I brought myself to the edge
But now your gun is inside my head
Forwards or backwards, I'm leaving this ledge
Because I don't wanna be with a fucking pleb

Love makes a man do crazy shit
But infatuation makes him too dumb to live
Track Name: Validationholic
You're trying to appease a black hole of hate
Unspiring an army of walking stillborns hooked on rates
Throwing watered-down Monster at the ceiling, waiting for it to stick
A rant a day keeps damaged fans happy, imaginary haters hating
And me just sick

You keep flapping your gums
But you've got nothing to say
No conversation, no inspiration to think
Just fifteen minutes of Instafame

Follow, like
Share, subscribe
To help me forget
About how my parents never really loved me
Track Name: Rut (Feeling Good About Feeling Bad)
Remedial refreshers in gloom swell from the deep
When all of my friends are either drunk or asleep
IRL treadmill day in, night in
Not quite addicted but damn near dependant
This is what therapy sounds like
Shaking the sand back down
A smooth shore conjured by the tide
The smile-rejuvenating frown

Crack brought back Oderus and Sosa's got lean
My entire fucking world's behind a tiny glowing screen
I'll freeze around the block in the dead of Januar-y
Just to make sure she hasn't replied

It's cold
That's why
I'm not
It's cold
That's why
I'm not
Just like last night
I'll be alright

Crack brought back Oderus and Sosa had lean
My entire fucking world's not really behind that screen
I'll stay inside in the dead of Februar-y
Look at that, everybody replied
Track Name: Good Day for a Good Day

Today is gonna be a great day

You wanna focus on the bad? Go ahead
Gonna try to bring me down? Good fucking luck
Think I'm gonna give up? Guess again
It's gonna be a kickass day and there's not a goddamn thing anyone can do or say about it
Might pet a dog and get some ice cream
Lay on a hill and stare at the clouds
It's a good day for a good day
A good day to do everything carefree and proud
Might go for a bike ride
Or stay inside until it's night
Let's have a blast because today is a
Good day for a good day

Dear adversity: go fuck yourself

I'm gonna have fun because why the hell not
If going stress-free isn't right then I wanna be wrong

All day every day, happiness endeavor
It might just be the best day ever

I'll never stop moving because potatoes aren't vegetables

Wake up fuckin' early and hang out with the sun
Of course I have to finish this line with "fun"
It happens by chance
But it's always a choice
To reset, recharge reload and have a blast
Just decide
It's a good day for a good day
Track Name: Not Even Once
And so he ran out in a frenzy
Dazed and confused and just done
Out of thin air the poor man rendered
A razor wire noose from which he swung

Fiesta, fiesta, dispose of the rest of them
Attention shoppers: Death is upon you today
Bludgeoned to death, rednecks deprived of meth
Survival of the fittest, with all these butterballs it's a piece of cake

Flinging milk jugs, tipping shelves, try not to get dropped by a stick of butter
Armed with frozen pizzas, lawn chairs and jars of Nutella
Swinging corpses, beating motherfuckers with motherfuckers
I'll leave this chaos if I have to stab you with a leopard print umbrella
Track Name: Horde of Boards 3: The Boardginning
Sentient shrubs shrouded in the dead of night
The stars obscured by ominous clouds, not a lumberjack in sight
Deep amongst the trees, seasoned stumps repackage their own
By means of spells as old as their trunks, dead twigs grow

An army of planks
No driftwood in their ranks
Battalion of lumber
May death come before slumber
Wooden bringers of pain
The boards are on their way
They'll beat you to death then shift to coffin formation
One way or another, tonight death is our fate

Possessed planks
Born to kill
Made of wood

They're on their way